Spring Housekeeping for Homeowners

Your home is your biggest investment and you should take good care of it. Here are five great tips by the experts at BCAA Home Insurance

Like many British Columbians, keeping your home protected with simple home maintenance often falls behind your busy lifestyle and other priorities.

The good news is that basic home maintenance does not require a lot of specialized skills, is cost effective and an excellent approach to protect against unexpected costs. Here are a few important tips to keep your home and family safe.

  • Prevent the possibility of a fire hazard by keeping the dryer vent clean. Clean the lint filter every time you run your dryer and once a year slide the vent out and remove any lint buildup.
  • Run an energy-efficient furnace by replacing filters at least every three months, especially for proper operation over winter. Dirty filters block airflow, lowering air quality and making it potentially dangerous to your family’s health. They also cause furnaces to work overtime, increasing energy bills and eventually to overheat, burn out and be replaced.
  • Prevent mold by monitoring your home for condensation. Too much moisture indoors eventually poses a health risk, and if left untreated will rot woodwork. Examine your windows, checking for cracks or breaks in the seals that can easily be fixed.
  • Guard against water damage by looking for signs of dripping and corrosion on exposed pipes around toilets, sinks and appliances. Leaking fixtures can often be fixed with simple replacement parts like O-rings, cartridges or flappers for leaky toilets. Leaks are easy to miss, but early repair avoids costly water damage.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean and water run-off is unobstructed. At least once a year physically remove debris and build-up from your gutters and ensure your downpipes are clear. Blocked gutters and pipes can force water to back up and soak into roofs, walls and even the foundation.


Basic upkeep of your home protects your investment and it’s easy enough to do yourself.

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