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When to call a Realtor?

Many people only call a REALTOR® when they’re planning on selling their property or buying a new home, or both.  Real estate is one of the biggest investments of our life and usually we think of change when we reach to a career, life or a family milestone; points such as job relocation, new family member added, up-size or down-size, retirement planning, investment property, getting closer to our favourite school and so on. Indeed, there are many good reasons for you to give a good REALTOR® a call.

Asking the right questions

By calling a Greyfriars Realtor today you lose nothing, but instead you will receive free advice that can clear the dust and help your visibility of your options.  Remember, Knowledge is Power. Please feel free to call us:

• If you have a question about the state of the local real estate market. (Remember that it may be very different from what you hear on the news.)

• If you want to get a sense of what homes are currently selling for in your area.

• If you want to determine the current market value of your property (e.g. retirement planning).

• If you want to decide to renovate your property and sell it then, or just sell it as is.

• If you want to find out how much homes cost in neighbourhoods you’d like to consider.

• If you’re thinking about the possibility of making a move (e.g. up-size, down-size), but you’re not sure if it’s the right time.

Fraser Valley Real Estate Market is part of Canadian real estate market (and in turn global market).However there are shaping factors that distinguishes the Fraser Valley real estate market from Vancouver and the Interior real estate markets.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Greyfriars when/if you have a question or need some advice about the Lower Mainland real estate market. Our consultation is absolutely free with no obligation.

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